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Synopsis- Natural

Who doesn't have a small scar that they wishes would disappear - cellulite,

big belly, waist, thighs?...

How come nudity suddenly makes us so uncomfortable, stresses us? After all,

it's our body - the natural thing.

My name is Abigail Fri, I'm an actress and a lifemodel, nice to meet you.

I began my relationship with my body in complete liberation like any little girl

walking her first steps. Around age 5, my innocent mind began receiving

drops of "lies" about this thing I was attached to...

Following the social pressure at school that lead to countless attempts to correct everything that was not "pretty" in the eyes of the popular, everything that did not

correspond or fit the "accepted" look. God help me, I felt terrorized.

At the age of 20 after quite a bit of damage, tons of makeup and money

thrown away, lots of money, I accidentally found myself in the artistic naked

world. I was fascinated. I discovered a world where all bodies, in their natural

form, are beautiful! I discovered artists who look at cellulite, fat, body parts

that are not skinny, in sparling eyes. I discovered that I could live in peace

with my natural body and thus contribute to artists, painters, photographers, to

convey messages!

From a young girl, adolescent who felt shame and fear that her

partner will see her body as it is, even in moonlight, get up and run

away, today, I have become a woman who proudly presents her natural self in

exhibitions around the world only accompanied by a small condition: An

explicit requirement that my body will not be photoshopped.

What would I aspire to pass on?

That the natural is blessed with its own wonder, no matter what it looks like, It

will not be distorted along the way because of fears and prejudices.

Most importantly, this is not exclusively about the purity and wonders of the

body, but mainly about personal integrity and self-confidence, and most

important – human spirit.

What are you going to hear in this lecture?

In the next hour, I will reveal the secrets of my personal journey.

We will discuss important historical landmarks in human/feminine nudity.

And most importantly, after the lecture, I sincerely hope we will all return to

the healthy and simple starting point; That natural is beautiful. Not fear and


May we all be proud of who we are and how we look!

Come on- let's hit the road.

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