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A bit about myself


Hi, my name is Abigail Fri and I am very pleased to meet you.
I am a professional actress, a nude model in varied arts (photography, painting, sculpture and body paintings).
My modeling career began unintentionally over three years ago.

A FX make-up artist approached me while I was working as a photographer on a film set:
"I've been spinning a long time with an idea for a body painting…what do you think?"
The rest is history…

A new creative world opened up for me, a way of expressing and touching an audience that I have not been exposed to until that moment.
As a professional actress I know the power of delivering a message as a mean to touch hearts and connecting between people.
Among through the body, lighting, costumes, diffrent locations and all that accompanies it.
Most important, I see the artist's vision, your vision, and execute it to a perfection.

And now for some technical information:

I'm 27 years old, living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Light skin, long brown hair, height: 1.60 cm. weight: about 60 kg. clear skin, no tattoos nor   piercings.

Small/medium chest (no complaints), wide pelvis and feminine curves (still, no complaints).  

Mobile to all corners of the country (and the world).


My Iron Policy

I promise that during worktime all my attention and energy will be invested in your creation.  

I promise I always demonstrate a professional manner starting from the first phone call until success.

I promise availability for my employers and co-artists after the work is complete.

I promise a good atmosphere, joy and creative freedom in every session.

I promise to make sure that all my professional partners will maintain a good and positive atmosphere as-well.

I promise to respect all artists and insist they respect me and the profession.

I promise to stand by my obligations.

I promise to be punctual.

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