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Reviews- Natural lecture

"What an amazing energy, a smile, simplicity, joy, pride, love for all. It was amazing!!  Thanking the universe for your presence! Just keep it up!  Thank you"

"Engaging and instructive, enables me the confidence to be proud of my body."

"A sincere fascinating lecture, 

The fact that everything was told as stories with turning points added a lot of interest. Thank you for your willingness to reveal vulnerable details, I was very touched by the way you spoke of things we could be ashamed of and hide from. The way you spoke and presented these topics enabled to ventilated them. The connection to art and history was also very interesting. Thank you for this opportunity."

"Charming! wonderful! inspiring!"

"The lecture " Natural " gave me a place to feel and internalize that the model of natural beauty, is simply the natural body, true and beautiful. 

A fascinating and inspiring lecture. 

Recommended for everyone. 

How natural how beautiful❤️"

"Dear Abigail. I attended your lecture. You surprised me with your story. I thought you were an ordinary happy girl like everyone else. 


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