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What is a Life Model?

Updated: Mar 18

A lecture for artists who work with models.

In the lecture we will learn what is a LifeModel, how to work correctly with a model, and hear the model's side about historical art work and the use of the naked body and people in general.

A Life Model is a person who serves as an inspiration for an artist.

It is the most ancient profession in the world.

Ever since the days of the caves, people have been painting nudity.

That is what they saw.

This continued in every artistic era - the human body was used as a medium for artists to express: feelings, situations or just beauty and aesthetics.

You can see it in most Renaissance paintings,churches, and ancient Greek sculptures.

After all, at the end of the day - we are all human. We walk around the house naked, and intimacy (not necessarily sexual) happens many times when the body is exposed.

Naked = beauty? Sounds strange… naked equals sex or something ugly and dirty.

This is where I come into the picture - I believe that our bodies are beautiful!

Can and should serve as inspiration for art, that will present a reality that is not always nice for us to see, or the opposite - will present a dreamy reality that we imagine,that some are lucky enough to experience.

Art should make us think, feel, change behavior. You can't always do that when hiding behind a mask of makeup or clothes.

After hundreds of years where the body was something so natural and healthy - we have entered an era where if I show my body, I am either a prostitute, superficial, or looking for attention.

I'm here to get back on track. To show that the body can be a tool that helps to convey an idea/emotion/goal.

That our body, no matter its shape, is beautiful as it is - with the fat, cellulite, scars, and wrinkles.

I am here to be a muse for artists - to give them situations, and together, to create an artistic work that will touch something in the audience.

All the models including myself, exist to emphasize in the age of Botox and Instagram that we are beautiful even without filters.

Remember - art loves everybody!

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